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Soundarya Cream For Acne - I hate Acne!!

Soundarya Homeopathic Cream And Oral Homeopathic Remedies

Soundarya Homeopathic cream for acne
With the active ingredients (Beberis Aqui.HPI.Q, Oleum Sandalum HPI.Q, Thuja Occ HPI.Q and Nat.Mur HPI.3 X) in it, the Acne Cream, Homeopathic Skin Care helps cure and even prevent acne, freckles (a small brownish spot often turning darker), comesdones or blackheads, spot, pitting (hole) and scars, sun burn, rough skin and its related skin problems. It conspicuously clears pimples and blemishes and helps to reduce inflammation and infection.

Homeopathy considers acne to be a symptom of a deeper issue. It does not concentrate on treating just the skin surface using topical gels, creams or ointments on acne. It treats you not just a simple acne case but looks at you from both inside and. Homeopathy believes in complete and gentle healing and for this purpose it concentrates on your complete medical history.

When you start taking the prescribed homeopathic medicines, at first, you will notice a temporary outbreak in your symptoms. This is the sign that the treatment of treating like with like is working.

After some time you will start noticing encouraging signs of an improvement. The texture of your skin will improve and roughness, itchiness and redness will be noticeably decreased. The burning sensations will be considerably less. Over a period of months, your complexion and skin condition will keep improving continually.

Beside of Soundarya Cream, Aquifolium Cream, Carmino Cream and Marigold Soap for skin surface treatment, for deeper treatment I would like to insist for an oral remedy in order to get a deeper treatment below the skin.

Major remedy that give a very promising result is Sulphur, most acne cases often indicated as rough, hard and associated with comesdones (blackhead) and constipation; great aggravation from water, face is pale, sickly color, heat and spotted redness of face, balck pores and itching intensely in evening and from warmth.

More than 30 others remedy related to the acne with a different symptoms of people and characteristic. Please refer to the other post; Homeopathy Oral Remedy According To Your Symptoms.

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