Sunday, May 24, 2009

Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1

Weight Loss Management Tablets

Since launching Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1, it was superb!! . I got a very satisfying feedback. With natural sources Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1 help you lose or maintain weight with no side effect such as rapid heat beat, diarrhea, frequent urinating and the worst is insomnia.

If you are looking to lose weight, and don‘t know what to try next, or what will really work, try Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1, I know that losing weight, and keeping the pounds off can be next to impossible.

Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1 works competently with your body's physiology. It is completely homeopathy and herbal Pharmapoeia formulation. It will help you attain important weight loss, and help improve your health and energy level without withdrawal. It is caffeine and ephedra-free.

Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1 is a complete homeopathy and herbal Pharmapoeia supplement that will make you stronger, physically as well as mentally. When you start Phytolacca Americana 3 in 1, you will lose extra weight, and begin to feel much healthier and full of energy. It's all done naturally with no injurious chemicals, no messy powdered "meal-replacements", and no pre-packaged foods.

This is the best, most efficient and most healthful weight loss Homeopathy & herbal supplements available. Each component works synergistically with every other to help you achieve your ideal weight and health.

Ingredient :

Phytolacca Americana 15mg, Allium Sativum (garlic) 5mg, Grape Fruit 5mg and Bladder Wrack (fucus.v)

Contra Indication :

No and not established

Avaibility :

15x6 tablet blister pack, (approx: 15 days)

Origin :


Recommended Dose :

2 tablet 3 times daily before 3 major meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Price :

RM110 New price EM100 per box , free delivery all over Malaysia

Overseas : USD30 (excluding shipment)

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